Sequence Builder

Creating rich, interactive texting engagements is easy using the SeeBotText sequence builder. Define branching logic paths, collect user input, and connect with external services.

Collect Data

Collect data from users using input prompts, and save it to custom attributes tied to users. Use a request/response, tagging, or menu component to collect data from users in different ways, or add users to segments automatically.


Define keywords to trigger response sequences. Utilize advanced rule options to not only match keywords, but match phrases that contain or start with desired text.


Send SMS or MMS responses to users. Include dynamic tokens in any message, and attach images, audio, or video with MMS messages.

Branching Logic

Design interactions to branch based on user choices using menus or true/false conditionals based on previously collected data. Send new users down a different path than existing subscribers. Forward to other sequences or continue through the sequence from different branches.


Use the Inbox feature for catchall message handling, or forward users directly to the Inbox based on branching logic decisions. Allow admins the ability to respond directly with users and manage conversations from a dedicated Inbox view.