VoteWisconsin is a specialized mobile application crafted solely for voter registration efforts. It’s the ultimate tool for campaign volunteers, community organizers, and advocacy group members who are out in the field registering voters.

Canvasser Login

The login system provides robust security by granting access only to authorized users. Depending on each user’s role, it assigns appropriate permissions and functionality, ensuring the right access levels for everyone. This focus on role-specific permissions, paired with convenience and security, is crucial for maintaining an efficient and secure voter registration process.

Canvasser Statistics

The canvasser stats feature offers a detailed summary of a canvasser’s activities during their shift. It presents key metrics such as the number of voters registered and areas covered, providing a clear snapshot of the shift’s progression. This feature aids in maintaining transparency and understanding the scope of a canvasser’s work during each shift.

Signature Capture

The signature capture feature of the platform provides a vital tool for authenticating and finalizing voter registrations. It allows for on-screen signing with immediate digitization, ensuring both the immediacy and veracity of the registration process. This feature, prioritizing the blend of user-friendly interaction and stringent security, is key to streamlining an efficient and secure voter registration procedure.

Registration Check

The app allows canvassers to quickly check if the individuals they are engaging with are already registered to vote. This functionality ensures that efforts are focused on citizens who are not yet registered, making the voter registration process more efficient.

Additional Key Features


With integrated English and Spanish interfaces, the app provides bilingual support to cater to diverse language preferences. It ensures the voter registration process is accessible and comprehensible to both English and Spanish-speaking communities, thus extending its reach.


This app is adaptable to various digital environments, functioning seamlessly on both smartphones and tablets. Its design affords canvassers the flexibility to perform voter registration tasks using the device most convenient for them, facilitating a smooth and efficient registration process.

Customized Integrations

The app offers custom integrations, allowing for tailored features and functions that enhance its compatibility with various systems and requirements. These integrations provide the flexibility to adapt the app to specific needs, thus ensuring a seamless fit within existing workflows or systems.


In addition to the mobile and tablet applications, there’s also a companion website where individuals can self-register to vote. This platform expands the reach and accessibility of the registration process, giving potential voters the option to register at their own convenience.

Dedicated Dashboard

he application includes a centralized space for the secure handling and validation of voter registrations. This aspect of the application ensures that all information is meticulously checked and securely stored, contributing to an orderly and efficient workflow within the voter registration process.