Register To Vote WI 2022

Register To Vote WI is a dedicated mobile application designed exclusively to support voter registration initiatives. It serves as an invaluable resource for campaign volunteers, community advocates, and members of advocacy groups engaged in on-the-ground voter registration activities.

Canvasser Login

The login system upholds strong security by allowing access strictly to verified users. The system is designed to enforce distinct roles and permissions, corresponding to each user’s specific responsibilities, thereby effectively controlling access levels.

ID Scan

Streamlining the voter registration process, the app includes a functionality that enables scanning of an individual’s ID card. This feature automatically captures and fills the necessary data into the registration form, significantly reducing manual entry. By saving time and minimizing potential for errors, it brings efficiency and accuracy to voter registration.

Signature Capture

The platform includes a feature for capturing signatures, an essential component for validating and completing voter registrations. This capability facilitates on-screen signing with instant digitization, promoting real-time validation and authenticity in the registration process.

Proof of Residence Capture

The application includes a functionality that simplifies the process of verifying a potential voter’s residence during registration. This feature allows for the straightforward capture and submission of necessary residency documents

Dedicated Dashboard

The application includes a centralized space for the secure handling and validation of voter registrations. This aspect of the application ensures that all information is meticulously checked and securely stored, contributing to an orderly and efficient workflow within the voter registration process.

Additional Key Features


The app accommodates diverse language preferences by offering integrated interfaces in both English and Spanish. This bilingual support makes the voter registration process more inclusive, catering to the needs of both English and Spanish-speaking communities.


This app is designed to be versatile, operating flawlessly on both smartphones and tablets. The flexibility of its design allows canvassers to undertake voter registration tasks on the device that best suits their needs.

Customized Integrations

The app comes with the capability for custom integrations, which allows for adjustments to features and functions that increase its adaptability to diverse systems and requirements.


Beyond its mobile and tablet applications, the platform also extends to a web interface where individuals have the ability to register to vote independently