Redirects go beyond just where the user ends up. QR codes, caching options, and a UTM builder are all features we offer to help streamline your redirect workflows.

QR Codes

Sharing a link in a text, email, or direct message is fine, but QR codes are a great alternative when it’s easier for a user to scan and go. QR codes are generated automatically for all links, and available for download at any time.

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Usually, having a link cache on a user’s system is great: it speeds up requests, multiple clicks aren’t tracked separately. However, we realize this isn’t always ideal and have the option to disable caching. Ideal for link expiration or redirects that need to change destinations quickly.

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UTM Builder

Need to manage UTM parameters, but not looking to hunt and peck through a URL? We have your back! Use our UTM builder to manage UTM parameters without changing your link or other custom parameters.

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It’s not always easy to remember the redirect you’re looking for, and parsing through a long list can be tedious at best. Our tagging feature allows you to easily organize links to help reduce lists down to manageable segments, so you can easily find the redirect you’re looking for.

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